Hi – I’m Rachel and welcome to Devonport!

I’m originally from the UK and my partner Chris is a Kiwi. After living in London together for many years and having enjoyed many short trips to New Zealand, we moved permanently to Auckland in 2012 with our kids Ari, Imogen and Xavier.  We are so happy we did and we feel very fortunate to call Devonport home – it’s almost like we are on a permanent vacation!

There’s always so much to do here right throughout the year.  Of course it’s often gloriously warm in the summer months, but the weather is actually quite mild throughout the winter. From May through October it’s not really warm enough to swim in the sea without a wetsuit, but there are some tremendous activities beckoning.  Kayak around the bays (you can use ours!), explore the nearby volcanic cones of North Head and  Mt Victoria, play golf, relaxing in the many cafes, trip over to Auckland city on the regular ferry service or just relax and eat in the many cafes and restaurants in the village. We really look forward to welcoming you into The Manse and helping you to discover Devonport!

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Oh, and we have a five-year old dog called Eddie. He barks when people come to the house but is very quiet the rest of the time and he’s very gentle. We also have three rabbits, who are usually in their hutch around the opposite side of the house.


Below are pictures of some of our favourite places in Devonport..